Dog Tornado Interactive Dog Toy by Nina OttossonDog Tornado Interactive Dog Toy by Nina Ottosson
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Dog Tornado Interactive Dog Toy by Nina Ottosson


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Veterinarians and dog trainers around the world agree that a mentally healthy dog is a happy dog. If canines are not provided an outlet for their energy in the forms of physical activity and mental stimulation they tend to come up with their own types of "activities". You know what we mean - chewing on your favorite pair of shoes, incessant barking, general hyperactivity and sometimes aggression.

Sweden's own Nina Ottosson is revered as one of the top designers and developers of educational and interactive dog toys around. Her interactive dog toys are guaranteed to bring hours of fun to your pet AND you! They not only stimulate your dog's mind but also bolster the bond between canine and human. Spending time playing together can make you and your pet even better best friends!

Nina Ottosson's Dog Tornado interactive dog toy is rated at a difficulty level of 2. This game is great for the average adult dog who is confident and inquisitive. Dog Tornado has four layers of rotating disks, three of which have compartments where treats can be hidden. Your pet must learn to rotate the layers in different directions with its nose or paw to uncover the hidden compartments full of goodies!

  • Recommended by dog psychologists, veterinarians and dog trainers
  • Rated at a difficulty level of 2; perfect for the average adult dog that is confident and inquisitive
  • Made of non-toxic and recyclable plastic
  • Easily cleaned with warm soap and water and is even dishwasher safe!
  • Interactive dog toys stimulate your pet's brain and create a useful and fun job for your furry friend
  • The act of play strengthens the relationship between dog and owner
  • Great toys to activate older dogs that are still mentally healthy but not able to get around as well
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages and sizes

NOTE: Not a chew toy! Do not leave your dog unsupervised while playing this game!

See Nina Ottosson's Dog Tornado Interactive Dog Toy in Action!

Nina Ottosson Interactive Dog Toys - Tips and Tricks

  1. Mix water and small meat pieces together and then freeze in the hollows of the plastic games for a fun, refreshing activity - sure to hold's your pup's attention!
  2. Set the game on a chair or stool so that your dog can only work with its nose - gives an added level of difficulty as most dogs find it easier to work with their paws.
  3. Hide the game in a blanket or towel and give your furry friend a challenge before the game even starts!
  4. Tie a string to the game and then hide underneath a bed, sofa or chair; very popular among dogs who love the games!
  5. Great activity to mentally stimulate dogs that are older, sick or not able to get around like they used to.
  6. Games are great for dogs that either refuse to eat or gulp their food. The interactive play makes them eat more than they would otherwise or slows them down so they can't inhale their food.
  7. Teach basic commands while playing; training becomes easier since your dog's brain is already active.
  8. It is recommended to play in 15 minute blocks of time as canine attention spans can be short.

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Dog Tornado Interactive Dog Toy by Nina Ottosson